Trial Transcripts

August 21, 1979

Paul Wishinski

MR. SEGAL:  I think I had better call Wade Smith, Your Honor.  Bear with me a second; Mr. Smith has the next witness.

THE COURT:  Be careful what you call him.  He is a former football player, too.

(Whereupon, PAUL WISHINSKI was called as a witness, duly sworn, and testified as follows:)

MR. BLACKBURN:  Your Honor, may we see you at the bench a moment?

THE COURT:  Come up.

B E N C H  C O N F E R E N C E

MR. BLACKBURN:  This is character.

THE COURT:  Where is this witness from?

MR. SMITH:  This witness is from Vermont or Maine.

THE COURT:  What do you want to prove by him?

MR. SMITH:  We want to prove very briefly that our client has a good character and reputation, and we feel that we can do it rapidly, efficiently and get this man off this stand in just a few minutes.

THE COURT:  Can you do it in three minutes?

MR. SMITH:  I will give it everything I've got to do it in three minutes.  I think I can do it fast.  Let me give it a try and just see what I can do.

THE COURT:  All right.  See this thing here?  In three minutes it is going to fall.

MR. SMITH:  All right, let's see what happens.

(Bench conference terminated.)

D I R E C T  E X A M I N A T I O N  4:19 p.m.

Q  I think I better have you to state your name again so we can understand you?
A  Paul Wishinski.
Q  Mr. Wishinski, where do you live?
A  In Montpelier, Vermont.
Q  And do you know Jeffrey MacDonald?
A  Yes, I do.
Q  How long have you known him?
A  I have known Jeff -- let's see, 1961 is when I first met him.
Q  How did you first meet him?
A  In Princeton University.  I was his roommate for two years.
Q  After he ceased being your roommate, did you see him from time to time?
A  Yes, I did.
Q  Did he cease being your roommate because he married Colette MacDonald?
A  Yes, he did.
Q  Now, during the years since that time, have you kept in touch with Dr. MacDonald?
A  Yes.  I kept in touch with letters that Colette and Jeff had written to me through the time period.  I was overseas after I left Princeton and was in the Peace Corps.
Q  Based on everything that you know about Dr. MacDonald, do you have an opinion now as to his reputation for peacefulness?
A  Yes, I do.
Q  What is it?
A  I very strongly feel that he is a very peaceful person.
Q  Based upon everything you know about him, do you believe him to be a non-violent person?
A  Yes, he is non-violent.
Q  Do you have an opinion as to his truthfulness?
A  Yes, I do.
Q  What is your opinion as to that?
A  He is extremely truthful.
Q  Have you seen Jeff with children?
A  Yes, I have.
Q  Would you state for the jury his demeanor and attitude toward children?
A  I knew Jeff's relationship with children when I babysat for them many times.  In the third year that I knew him -- it would have been '63 -- I saw him play with his children -- with Kimberly growing up with him in his home.  His relationship with his children was always a very loving relationship.

MR. SMITH:  You may examine the witness.

MR. BLACKBURN:  Two questions, Your Honor.

C R O S S - E X A M I N A T I O N  4:22 p.m.

Q  Where were you in February of 1970?
A  I was overseas in Nepal.
Q  You have no personal first-hand knowledge of what happened at the MacDonald apartment in 1970 in February, do you?
A  No, I don't.

MR. BLACKBURN:  No further questions.

THE COURT:  Call your next witness.