Trial Transcripts

August 21, 1979

Michael Schneider

(Whereupon, MICHAEL SCHNEIDER was called as a witness, duly sworn, and testified as follows:)

D I R E C T  E X A M I N A T I O N  4:23 p.m.

Q  State your name, please?
A  Michael Schneider.
Q  Where do you live, Mr. Schneider?
A  Los Angeles, California.
Q  What do you do?
A  I am a police officer for the City of Los Angeles.
Q  Do you know Jeff?
A  Yes, I do.
Q  How long have you known him?
A  I first met Jeff in the early part of 1974.
Q  How did you get to know Jeff?
A  I was introduced through my sister-in-law.
Q  How often are you around Jeff?
A  Oh, I see Jeff at least once a week -- sometimes more than that.  It might go for two or three weeks at a time sometimes.  It just depends on our work schedules.
Q  What are the typical kinds of occasions when you see Jeff?
A  Socially, we travel athletically together.  We have been involved in sports.  He helped me do work on my house; I helped him do things in his house and boat.
Q  Are you around Jeff enough so that you feel that you have an opinion as to his truthfulness?
A  Well, most certainly.
Q  What is your opinion as to his truthfulness?
A  I find Jeff to be extremely truthful.
Q  Do you have an opinion as to whether Jeff is a peaceful person?
A  Most definitely -- extremely peaceful.  I have never observed him display violence or anything to this effect.

MR. SMITH:  You may examine the witness.

MR. BLACKBURN:  No questions.

THE COURT:  Call your next.