April 15, 2005

Robert Stevenson's letter to the U.S. Parole Commission


U. S. Parole Commission
5550 Friendship Boulevard
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Re: Appeal for Parole by prisoner Jeffrey MacDonald – prisoner # 00131-177

LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL OF THE SWORN STATEMENT OF ALFRED KASSAB, stepfather of Colette Stevenson MacDonald; and grandfather of Kimberley and Kristin MacDonald.

Gentlemen, my stepfather Alfred, "Freddy" Kassab, made the enclosed taped, sworn statement for the parole Commission's consideration on June 23rd l989. The transcript of the tape is labeled by me as Exhibit I.

It was made by him regard to the potential application for the parole of prisoner Jeffrey Mac- Donald as he feared MacDonald would make such a request at some time in the future, if not on that specific opportunistic date.

I present this unedited tape and it's transcript thereof to you; as it was one of the final specific requests of Fred Kassab that he made of me personally just before his death.....That I personally present his sworn statement to you.....and let his words speak for him and what he felt at that time, and that his statement be read into the record in addition to any statement that I would make (and this letter) as the last surviving member of the Stevenson family in summation of the many harms that have been suffered at MacDonald's hands not only by the direct victims in his family who he slaughtered without mercy on that fateful night long ago; but by the remaining members of the family.....those in fact not contained in Mr. Kassab's list of victimizations at the hands of this most brutal and unrepentant of killers who is now resident in the USBOP system.

Mr. Kassab knew at that time that his health was failing and that it was very possible that he would not personally be able to testify at what he then anticipated to be a first appeal for parole by MacDonald in 1991.

My mother, Mildred was already too ill at that time to take part in this sworn statement, and as such I will cover those further impacts to both Mr. and Mrs. Kassab in my own personal statement (which will be made on the hearing date of 5/10/05,) and the further harms perpetrated by and the crimes committed, for which MacDonald was deservingly sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

The damage to the lives of all of the Stevenson/Kassab relatives will be updated by me as the continuing victimization of the family has been part of our lives each and every day since the conviction of MacDonald.

His harm to our family has not stopped for one minute since his conviction.....and continues to this very day.

This attached transcript is the sworn statement of the impact on "Freddy" and Mildred Kassab up to that time in their lives.

It does not cover the intervening years during which they both have died, nor the full circumstances of all of the varied impacts on their lives from and after the conviction of MacDonald for the uniquely brutal triple homicide of his family on the night of February 17th, 1970.

At the time Freddy made the tape he had as yet no idea that the case would continue to haunt and distort his life and that of my mother, and that the conviction of this ghastly murderer was only the beginning of their suffering.....not the end of it. They received scores of letters from people hoping that their lives could again be restored.....but it was not to be.....they died involved in and harmed by the brutality of the crimes as there was never a day my mother did not think about Colette and the little girls.....and there was never a day that Fred Kassab was not involved in chasing down some new effort of MacDonald's to try to squirm out from under his conviction or the appearance of his guilt.

Particularly not addressed in this statement are the further intrusions and distortions to their lives caused by MacDonald during and since that time in the form of the financial, social, psychological and emotional harms done to and losses suffered by them as victims of this awesomely gruesome crime, and his continuing public streams of innuendo, falsehoods, lies and familial slurs.

The Kassabs never enjoyed a minute of peace from the time that he was convicted until the time they both had died. Fred Kassab finances were decimated as a result of MacDonald's continuing actions and he was never again able to give his full efforts to business owing to the continual stream of lies and misinformation MacDonald and others floated on the public.

The steady stream of letters he sent to the many media people MacDonald lied to and manipulated is shown by the files of letters and responses he left behind. As a result, he had to give up any further business efforts he might have continued as a broker of whole and broken egg products nationally and internationally; which had been his business earlier.

Psychologically, my mother was destroyed by the murders as she had had previous "Colettes" born and they died at or soon after birth.....and her only female child was gruesomely killed. She could never get the autopsy pictures out of her mind that MacDonald's counsel had placed near her seated position in the courtroom during the trial. She basically did not wish to continue her life, but recognizing that my father had taken his own life and I had suffered from this in so many ways she continued her life with little pleasure on a day to day basis.

Socially, the Kassabs had no life from the time that the murders occurred until their deaths as their lives had been so distorted that they withdrew into their retirement house and lived a solitary life.

As to my wife and myself, our lives were never the same again either. We had unending hours of horror and everything from nightmares to psychological damage which required that we both seek psychotherapy in order to maintain our balance in life. On two occasions I lost jobs as the employers felt that "he has too much on his plate at this time to be efficient and productive".....and to this day we hope we will not be recognized and linked to this horrendous crime as it becomes a topic of interest or conversation to anyone who knows and the inability to escape the crimes and their aftermath is intolerable.

I have had to witness the indirect destruction of my mother and stepfather because of these crimes and their aftermath. More than that, it has been pointed out to me that in killing my sister and her two female offspring; the DNA which is passed down from generation to generation.....has been ended forevermore.....and that branch, if you will; of the "Stevenson family tree" has been ended on this earth forever.....he had ended my family very effectively I would submit.....and I AM a true victim as well.

The facts here ARE simple.....MacDonald WAS convicted by a jury of THREE COUNTS OF MURDER.....two in the second degree for those of Colette and Kimberley; and the third, the brutal execution of his youngest child Kristen (done by him in order to attempt to place the blame on an outside group as the act would appear so unspeakable.....so improbable.....by a father.....that he thought this awesomely horrible crime would throw suspicion off himself) and make it more believable that outside intruders had committed the crimes.....a fact that was easily disproved by the physical evidence in the case and his many differing versions of the crime over the years, in his testimony etc.

MacDonald has had his time and opportunity over the years to allow for more litigation resulting ultimately in seven appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States (all of which have been denied) and any other courts involved.....more than has ever been accorded a similar litigation for the crime of murder.....and he has had more of the famous and infamous lawyers than were necessary to make his defense.....he certainly can never claim to have been underrepresented or his cause under litigated.

Be that as it may.....we are NOT here to try this crime in any way, but merely to determine if there is ANY possible reason why MacDonald should again walk the streets of this earth as a free man.....WHAT HE DID WAS ALREADY DECIDED BY A JURY.....

The answer is a simple clear resounding; NO. WHY SHOULD HE?

MacDonald is seeking release still maintaining his innocence, and any intervention by the Parole Board to this end would amount to a pardon, which clearly is not within the options avail- able to the Hearing Officer(s) as the crime has already been more than fully adjudicated.

FIRST of those reasons as to why MacDonald should not be released are the autopsy photographs, which the Department of Justice will provide to you.....so that you may better measure the physical impact and the gravity of the crimes of which he was convicted; as a brutal man, bent on the destruction of his family showing them no mercy whatsoever.

The following list of wounds and damage to each of his victims came from the autopsies done by the listed personnel, as follows;

WOUNDS TO COLETTE – autopsy done by Major George E. Gammel
Three deep head lacerations.
A skull fracture beneath the center of the forehead.
Nine deep incision (knife) wounds on the front of her neck.
Seven incision (knife) wounds on her chest.
Over her left breast there were twenty-one small puncture wounds. Two distinct types of penetrating wounds.
Three puncture wounds on the front of the left arm.
A right wrist fracture.
Left arm fractured in two places. The lower part of the arm bone was pushed in an upward motion then broken again just below the elbow causing the bone to penetrate the skin.

WOUNDS TO Kimberley – Autopsy done by Captain William F. Hancock, supervised by Major Gammel
Multiple blunt blows to the right side of her head, at least half a dozen or more.
Multiple fractures at the base of the skull; the right calvarium (the upper dome-like section of the head) was dislocated and fractured through the entire thickness.
Lacerations of the trachea.
Eight to ten penetrating wounds overlapping each other making it somewhat difficult to count the exact number on the center right neck area.
Right eye was recessed.
Nose was broken and deviated to the left.
Her jaw was fractured.

WOUNDS TO KRISTEN – Autopsy done by William F Hancock, supervised by Major Gammel
Four incisional wounds into her heart.
Neck and chest wounds were gaping. Five circular wounds penetrated deep into her chest.
Ten similar wounds on her right chest. These wounds did not penetrate deeply.
The neck had two circular wounds similar to the previous ones mentioned, and they were shallow on the right and center areas of the neck.
There were multiple small pen point hemorrhage areas on the skin, bruising on the left lateral neck area and a small bruise on the left side of her chin.
The right lateral neck and the superior portion of the right shoulder had superficial abrasions.
The gaping posterior wounds were more bruised than the anterior chest wounds.
The neck and trachea showed minor spaced hemorrhage and intra-trachea bloody fluid not clotted suggesting stab wounds to the neck, trachea, and anterior chest were sustained after or shortly before death.
Ten stab wounds were in the upper posterior back and two were over the shoulder blade, likely caused by contact with a soft object of variable force.
Contusions of the left side of the neck, left chin, right buttocks, and right elbow.
On the right hand there was a through and through (entering one place and exiting another) on the ring finger and three superficial on the back of the same finger. On the palm surface of the right index finger, there was a triangular flap of skin incised from the subcutaneous tissue. In the web between the thumb and the index finger on the right hand a superficial incision with sharp border 1. 0 cm in length. A blunt object caused the abrasions on the right side of the neck and upper shoulder and those on the shoulder show a heaping of the skin at the outer edge of the abrasion, which suggests the blows were sustained in a downward motion.

It will give you the sense of his efforts to go back and cold bloodily "finish the job" on Colette and Kimberley so that his story would "wash".....which clearly made those two offenses first degree murder as well since the decision to kill them was an ongoing process in his mind until he had finished the job.

SECOND, and not originally accorded the attention such a crime would get in today's more life conscious world is that, in murdering his wife Colette HE ALSO TOOK THE LIFE OF A FOURTH PERSON.....his MID-TERM UNBORN SON.....Who he clearly killed just as well when he slaughtered his wife in cold blood; and in a cruel, calculated, and cowardly manner.

"The Green Beret" vs. a pregnant woman and two little girls.....with results like those shown in the autopsy photographs.....WHY consider parole for such a man?

How can the small part of time he has now served (as part of his total sentence of three consecutive life sentences meted out to him) be seen as any meaningful measure of what the informed and procedurally correct scales of justice saw as an appropriate and just punishment for the crimes and the inhumane acts he committed, which would even be considered abnormal in the animal kingdom let alone a civilized world? And.....let us not forget.....once again.....NO REMORSE.

THIRD, please remember Freddy's well taken opinion voiced in this tape that "had the jury remained out another hour that they would have come back with three murder ones rather than two murder twos and one murder one, because they would have realized that Colette survived the initial attack on her." "Kimberley survived the initial attack on her. And it wasn't until maybe a half an hour later that he attacked them a second time".

FOURTH, and even more to the point, I have never heard of a case before; (nor have those many people who have spoken to me about any possible parole for MacDonald).....where EVEN THE POSSIBILITY OF A PAROLE OF ANY NATURE would be considered; after a crime of such enormity, when the felon continues to remain unrepentant, and refuses to accept his guilt, nor show any remorse and in a provable manner continues to distort the truth, and continues thereby to bring grief to the lives of remaining victims by these and other actions.....AND he expects by some strange transmogrification of the facts again at his will and by his interpretations of what is right and what is wrong, that HE should be allowed to go off and pursue a new life with a new family I ask you WHY?

What about the family he destroyed? Is he to walk away from that without completing his sentence.....or at least a reasonable portion thereof.....or showing responsibility and repentance for his acts of the past?

It certainly would be contrary to legal requirements in existence that no act taken subsequent to the trial action and sentencing for the crime by any other party should serve to bring disrespect or disrepute to our legal system of justice.

FIFTH, I am sure we will hear from MacDonald's counsel that he has since his incarceration been a "model prisoner". In EXHIBIT II attached hereto is a group of letters MacDonald wrote while in prison to a woman variously called by him "Tonie"/Tonette/Big Red. These letters were included in the papers left to me by Fred Kassab and later found by me with his possessions. In 1987-1988, while Jeffrey MacDonald was in federal prison, he sent a number of letters to a woman he addressed as "Tonie", "Tonette", or "Big Red". The woman was apparently a reporter who conducted interviews for a radio station. A reading of these letters reflects that this woman visited MacDonald in prison, and that they were "alone in a room". As MacDonald described in graphic detail, he engaged in various sexual acts with this woman when she visited him in prison. MacDonald further described the sexual acts he planned to perform with the woman when she would be able to visit him again in prison, using her status as a member of the media or as a defense investigator. It is also apparent from these letters, that MacDonald was encouraging the woman to attempt to compromise government investigators and witnesses, whom he named, using her status as a reporter to conduct pretext interviews.

MacDonald as a free man on parole without remorse and repentance would be an act that would serve to bring disrespect and disrepute to the legal system of justice in the United States. This is no mere white collar criminal.....no repeat offender in DWI cases.....but a man now legendary enough as a guilty killer that his name was used recently in the game called "Jeopardy".....the lead being, "The man who killed his family on an army base and tried to blame it on hippies", and the question of course being "Who is Jeffrey MacDonald?"

This man has so become a symbol of the psychotically driven murderous liars that he is now in the public domain as such.....Freedom for MacDonald would be unthinkable at this point.

In what justice book or moral code would that be an acceptable outcome? We don't even have a "born again Christian" here to be repentant of his sins to work with now do we?

While MacDonald can clearly be seen behaviorally as a sociopathic personality who committed a psychopathically driven beastly crime; and that he is one who will never admit to the truth or to his guilt.

Therefore, his lack of remorse and acceptance of his guilt manifesting themselves in his continued protestations of innocence should never be used as any part of a justification of parole.....and in fact it is just the opposite.

The only punishment this man will ever know is seeing his intellectual life blood spill out on the floor at his feet.....Worthlessly.....uselessly on the floor of a cell in a prison.....day by day after day.....a form of intellectual Ononism, if you will.

THAT pain I am confident he CAN feel because he IS an intelligent man and the fact that he has not ONE accomplishment in his life to this day as against all that might have been, can- not stand well with a narcissist.....nor having even a child on the planet.....no great work, no children.....all a waste.....each and every day of his life to be a sentence that will continue each morning of his life and last till his last conscious thought.....that he is and his life has been a total waste of time to him, to the state; and to the taxpayers.

I have, as a result of been an unwilling participant in part of Jeffrey MacDonald's life to change one of my intellectual positions long held.....

I am no longer against the death penalty.....I wish it had been in place and used in this case as the continued life of fraud and lies and harm he brought to others would have been long ago been silenced.

To release an unrepentant and unremorseful brutal murderer.....after he has been tried ac- cording to the law of the land.....and who after all of this time continues on a day to day basis to lie and fabricate about the events of, would be to make a mockery of the very laws under which he was tried and convicted as well as strike at the underpinnings of our entire system of jurisprudence.

SIXTH, and last; if taking refuge behind the skirts of a 44 year old woman so that she can continue to tell the lies and untruths no one believes of him anymore in any way sanctifies his request for parole; it would be a virtual miscarriage of justice for him to go free, because he is now a "married man" and that somehow changes everything.....it changes nothing. She is merely his latest victim there to give him the appearance of roots in the community or any such irrelevancies he should choose to float on the Parole Hearing Officer(s).

Frankly, at this point; no one I know can conceive of by what logic a man with his past applies for parole.....his incredible crimes that literally boggles the mind.....his convictions, and legal reviews ad nauseum can possibly make. Is he a changed man? What evidences that? His acceptance of his guilt.....no.....there is nothing for MacDonald to hold out to any of us that can be convincing.

He is now a liar and a fraud and he always was.....just trying again to tell his story to a new generation of the ignorant people, and hoping to fool the prison system into disgorging him for some reason no one I know or have spoken with can fathom.

I propose that MacDonald has nothing to discuss with the Parole Hearing Officer(s) until he has accepted his guilt, shown remorse for his crimes; and has served at least 2/3rds of his sentence as mandated by the court for the awesomely brutal crimes he committed, and in effect continues to commit each and every day that he denies what he did to those FOUR people.....and to those in my family that by his selfish egotistical maniacal behavior and his continued sociopathic denial of the truth he continues to harm on a day to day basis.

I further propose that on this May 10th (which would have been Colette's birthday) that the Parole Hearing Officer(s) shall make May 10th a real COLETTE STEVENSON BIRTHDAY and allow the prior judgment and sentence of the court to stand as it is.....three consecutive life sentences.....with not a minute off for "good behavior" or whatever his self-serving basis would be that he thinks should offset his brutal crimes in his value distorted mind.

NO.....JEFFREY MACDONALD HAS NOT BEGUN TO SUFFER AS HE MADE HIS FAMILY SUFFER....consider the manner and over the period of time of the blows continued to fall on each of their unbelieving minds as their fragile bodies and minds were simultaneously shattered by a vicious madman killing his family in a murderous rage.....dragging Colette back to the Master bedroom where the attack had begun after she had dragged her broken body into the small bedroom to try to save her youngest child as he butchered yet another of her children.....of how his efforts on their annihilation was to save his cowardly self from exposure.....from conviction.....and then.....the ultimate cowardice for a father of any species.....to execute your own child to protect yourself from the possibility prosecution.....the act of the ULTIMATE COWARD.....The ONLY title he deserves.....not "parolee".


Robert C. Stevenson