January 22, 1976

Letter to Brian M. Murtagh from Bernard Segal re: Proposed stipulation to the chain of custody

January 22, 1976

Brian M. Murtagh, Esquire
Room 2250
Organized Crime and Racketeering Section
United States Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20530

Re: United States of America v. Jeffrey R. MacDonald

Dear Mr. Murtagh:

In my several previous letters to you concerning the proposed stipulations as to the chain of custody of the government's evidence in this case, I have advised you of certain information that I consider to be imperative for inclusion in these stipulations. In view of the fact that the government seems to be reneging now on the matter of stipulations, it is now necessary to take the following step. I hereby make this formal discovery request of you for all information previously requested by me for substantiation of the chain of custody stipulations. I further herby incorporate by reference of the contents of those prior letters from me and written comments on the draft stipulations which were returned to you.

The information requested includes, but is not limited to, a complete list of the scientific tests performed on each and every piece of evidence, by whom the test were performed, and the results of the tests.


Bernard L. Segal