Grand Jury

November 11, 1975

Defendant's Acknowledgment of Receipt of Grand Jury Transcripts

On the 11th day of November, 1975, I, Charles Bennett, acting as agent for Bernard L. Segal, attorney for Jeffrey R. MacDonald, received the following transcripts of witnesses which testified before the Federal Grand Jury of the Eastern District of North Carolina in the investigation into the deaths of Colette MacDonald, Kimberly [sic] MacDonald, and Kristen MacDonald:

Jacobson, Severt Harold

Gillespie, Kenneth H.

Nuchereno, John Robert

Tevere, Richard

Shaw, Robert B.

Newman, Michael Douglas

Connally [sic], Paul D.

Straub, William H.

Bronstein, Merrill Hirsch

Chamberlain, Craig Stanley

Caverly, Robert H.

Gemma, Frank E.

Gammel, George E.

Medlin, Hilyard O.

Browning, Dillard O.

Glisson, Janice S.

Stombaugh, Paul M.

Kalin, Pamela

Harrison, Ronald H.

Hancock, William F., Jr.

Fisher, Dr. Russell

Kassab, Mildred

Terry, Carolyn Landon

Boulware, Sgt. Wm. A.

Ivory, William (4 Volumes)

Release of the transcripts per Brian Murtagh constitutes acceptance of the conditions set forth in the letter of November 4, 1975, from Michael J. Malley to Brian Murtagh and the attached stipulation dated November 9, 1975, signed by Bernard L. Segal and Jeffrey R. MacDonald.

Acceptance of the transcripts constitutes acceptance of the conditions that in return for all Jencks Act, 18 SC3500, counsel for the defendant will sign stipulations regarding the chain of custody for all physical evidence introduced by the government as per the terms and conditions set forth in letter from Michael Malley to Brian Murtagh dated November 4, 1975.

Charles Bennett

Sworn to and subscribed to before me, Mary M. Ritchie, Notary Public, this 11th day of November 4, 1975.

My Commission Expires: November 22, 1975.