Court Records

September 23, 2014

United States District Court
Eastern District of North Carolina

Government's Notice of Filing Relating to Jeffrey MacDonald's Pending Rule 59(e) Motion


Index to Exhjbits

Exhibit 1 Letter dated September 17, 2014, from Norman Wong, Special Counsel, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Department of Justice
Exhibit 2 "Microscopic Hair Comparison Analysis: Result of Review," August 15, 2014
Exhibit 3 Report of FBI Laboratory (Paul Stombaugh), November 5, 1974 (already in record of case: GX 3061.1-3061.4)
Exhibit 4 Report of FBI Laboratory (Malone), December 31, 1990 [not already in record of case, but see generally DE-10(8) (Affidavit of Michael Malone, filed 2/14/91)]
Exhibit 5 Report of FBI Laboratory (Malone), February 4, 1991 (already in record of case: DE-218-2)
Exhibit 6 Report of FBI Laboratory (Robert Fram), May 19, 1999; [page 7 of Exhibit 6 ("TEU - Page 1 of 1") already in record of case: DE-225-19]
Exhibit 7 Trial transcript, August 8, 1979 (Trial Day Fourteen), pp. 4082-4305 [not attached in full due to length, but TTr 4294, lines 1-6 (cited in Exhibit 2 at 6) ("Page 2 of 2")) is attached hereto as Exhibit 7 [already in record of case]