Court Records

August 22, 2013

United States District Court
Eastern District of North Carolina

Reply to Government's Post-Hearing Memorandum


Exhibit #1 "Reflections on the Jeffrey MacDonald Case" by Harvey Silverglate
Exhibit #2 Affidavit of Hart Miles (re: March 31, 2007 Affidavit of Helena Stoeckley Sr.)
Exhibit #3 Affidavit of Wade Smith (re: Jimmy Britt)
Exhibit #4 Affidavit of Robert Sadoff, M.D. (re: Psychiatric evaluation of Jeffrey MacDonald)
Exhibit #5 "Fatal Revision: The Plot Thickens in Famed Murder Case; Dr. MacDonald Pins Hope on U.S. Marshal's Account of What a Suspect Said," by Laurie P. Cohen
Exhibit #6 "Fatal Revision," by Ruth Shalit (pub. The New Republic, May 26, 1997)