Court Records

September 15, 2012

United States District Court
Eastern District of North Carolina

Corrected Proposed Joint Pre-Hearing Order Pursuant to L.R. 16.1(c) E.D.N.C.


Index of Exhibits

Exhibit #1 Hearing Stipulation - U.S. v. MacDonald, September 17, 2012
Exhibit #2 AFDIL Case No. 99C-0438 Continuation of DA Form 4137, pages 2-31
Exhibit #3 Suzanne M. Barritt, letter dated July 28, 1999
Exhibit #4 Attachment to Barritt letter, list of vials for AFDIL Case No. 99C-0438
Exhibit #5 Jacqueline S. Raskin letter, dated April 2, 2001
Exhibit #6 Handwritten notes of Dr. Peter DeForest regarding 112A #1-9, 06-Aug-2001
Exhibit #7 Robert Fram Report of Examination, dated November 1, 2001, re: Q96
Exhibit #8 Handwritten notes of Robert Fram re: examination of Q96
Exhibit #9 Robert Fram Report of Examination, dated May 19, 1999