Court Records

December 13, 2011

United States District Court
Eastern District of North Carolina

Government's Response to Jeffrey MacDonald's Motion for Additional DNA Testing


Index of Exhibits

Exhibit #1 MTC - Spreadsheet A - Hair
Exhibit #2 MTC - Spreadsheet B - Blood
Exhibit #3 MTC - Spreadsheet C - Known Exemplars
Exhibit #4 Schedule A - MacDona1d's Recommendations for DNA testing-miniSTR and/or YSTR
Exhibit #5 Schedule B - Eligibility/Suitability Issues Involving MacDonald Recommendations
Exhibit #6 Schedule C - Location Of Biological Evidence Type B blood From Jeffrey MacDonald Introduced at Trial
Exhibit #7 AFDIL Contents of Vials Report
Exhibit #8 USACIL Report on Exhibit I-21 (finger portion of surgeon's rubber glove)
Exhibit #9 Ninhydrin: Basic to Advanced, by Pat A. Wertheim, Forensic Identification Training Seminars, Ltd.
Exhibit #10 AFIP DNA Testing Costs
Exhibit #11 AFDIL Suitability and Divisibility Assessment
Exhibit #12 FBI Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (Y-STR) Interpretation Guidelines
Exhibit #13 First Polish DNA "Manhunt" - an application of Y Chromosomes STR's
Exhibit #14 FBI's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the CODIS Program and the National DNA Index System
Exhibit #15 The North Carolina Center of Actual Innocence: "North Carolina Exoneration Cases"