Article 32 Hearing
Volume 16

September 8, 1970

James Judson

(The hearing reopened at 1052 hours, 8 September 1970.)

COL ROCK:  This hearing will come to order.  Let the record reflect that those parties who were present at the beginning of the recess are currently in the hearing room.  Does counsel for the government have another witness at this time?

CPT SOMERS:  Yes, sir, the government calls Mr. James Judson.

(Mr. James Judson was called as a witness, was sworn, and testified as follows.)

Questions by CPT SOMERS:
Q  Would you state your full name, please?
A  James Gregg Judson.
Q  Your address is what, sir?
A  Post Office Box 5555, Spring Lake, North Carolina.
Q  What is your occupation?
A  I'm a Spring Lake policeman.
Q  What was your occupation on the 17th of February 1970?
A  I was a Provost Marshal Investigator at Fort Bragg.
Q  Did you have occasion on that day to interview people in the Corregidor Courts area?
A  Yes, sir, I did.
Q  In these interviews did you have occasion to interview Lieutenant and Mrs. Casper?
A  Yes, I did.
Q  Would you relate for us, please, the substances of that interview?
A  We had an interview with both Lieutenant and his wife at his residence, myself and Mr. Park, who was my partner that night.  We talked to them at the porch, asked them various questions that we asked throughout the night and early afternoon from people, door to door.
Q  And what were those questions?
A  What time they went to bed, if they heard any unusual noises or anything during the night.  We asked them if anything unusual took place or anything to wake them up if they were asleep, things of that nature.
Q  And what was Lieutenant Casper's response to these questions?
A  Lieutenant Casper said he retired for the evening at 10:30, but prior to retiring, approximately 7 to 9 o'clock he heard some noises outside, some kids running up and down.
Q  And were these questions also put to Mrs. Casper?
A  Yes, they were.
Q  What was her response?
A  She had nothing to add except for the children, as far as the night.  She also retired at the same time.
Q  Did you identify yourself to the Caspers?
A  Yes, we did.
Q  Now how did you do that?
A  As we knocked on the door, they came to the door.  We showed them our credentials that we carried, told them we were working for the Provost Marshal Investigation Section, identified both ourselves by name.
Q  Why is it -- if you can answer this question -- that you remember specifically this interview?
A  We took with us some interview work sheets, and each house that we went to we recorded what the party had to say at that residence on these interview work sheets.
Q  Have you had occasion to look at one of these interview work sheets recently?
A  Yes, I have.
Q  Was there any other reason why you remember this?  Specific reason?
A  Well, two doors down, I was conducting the interview, one of the Lieutenants tried to grab my credentials from me, and I had to take them back.  We are not allowed to release them to anybody.  He tried to pull me through the door to read the credentials very carefully.

CPT SOMERS:  Your witness.

Questions by MR. SEGAL:
Q  Mr. Judson, you wrote up some of the interviews that were taken that evening, and Mr. Park wrote some of them.  Is that right?
A  Yes, sir, that's right.
Q  And was that done because it rather cold outside, a simpler procedure to have one man write and the other man talk and keep his hands in his pocket?
A  Right.  We only had one pair of gloves with us and it was rather cold out that night.
Q  And who did the questioning of the Caspers?
A  Mr. Park.
Q  And who did the notations?
A  Mr. Park.
Q  On that interview he did both jobs, both the questioning and the writing?
A  Yes.
Q  Can you describe for us what Lieutenant Casper looked like?
A  No, I couldn't.
Q  Can you describe for us what Mrs. Casper looked like?
A  No, I could not.
Q  Can you describe for us what the gentleman looked like who tried to pull your credentials from your hand?
A  No, I could not.

MR. SEGAL:  That's all.

Questions by CPT SOMERS:
Q  You've testified here today to what you remember as accurately as you can, have you not?
A  Yes, I have.
Q  What is your intended profession?
A  I plan to go to State Highway Patrol School in January.

CPT SOMERS:  I have no further questions.

COL ROCK:  I have no questions of the witness.  Do you wish him to be excused?

CPT SOMERS:  Please, sir, yes.

COL ROCK:  Mr. Judson, you are requested not to discuss your testimony with any person other than counsel for the government or counsel for the accused.  Do you understand?

WITNESS:  Yes, sir.

COL ROCK:  You are excused, thank you.

(The witness departed the hearing room.)

COL ROCK:  Does the government at this time have any further witnesses to offer the hearing?

CPT SOMERS:  Sir, it does not.  The government will have one witness who will not be available until tomorrow morning.  The government will have some specific information on fingerprints requested by yourself.  The government will also have, probably have a written statement of another witness who is not available to testify here, and hopefully one more laboratory report, and that will be it.  As of right now we have no further witnesses.

COL ROCK:  What time will your witness be available, or what time do you wish to proceed tomorrow?

CPT SOMERS:  This witness is to arrive at the Raleigh-Durham airport at 7:30.  I doubt that we could proceed before 9:30.

COL ROCK:  This hearing will be recessed until 9:30 tomorrow morning.

(The hearing recessed at 1100 hours, 8 September 1970.)