Affidavits, Declarations and Statements

August 14, 1984

State of Nevada
County of Clark

Affidavit of Frances-Ann Fine re: Drs. Brussel and Silverman

State of Nevada
County of Clark

Frances-Ann Fine, being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

(1) That I presently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, am over the age of majority and am fully competent to testify to the matters within.

(2) That the summer of 1979 I was employed as a Litigation Assistant for Bernard L. Segal, Esquire.

(3) That during this employment my primary responsibilities were involved in United States of America v. Jeffrey R. MacDonald.

(4) That on or about August 13, 1979 I recall that the Government arranged for Dr. MacDonald to be interviewed by James Brussel, M.D., known to me to be a Psychiatrist; and Hirsch Silverman, Ph.D., known to me to be a Psychologist.

(5) That I further recall that the entire interview, which was held in the personal office of Wade M. Smith, Esquire, took place in the present of all three gentlemen, Drs. Brussel, Silverman and MacDonald.

(6) This interview was held at the offices of Tharrington, Smith & Hargrove, 300 BB7T Building, Raleigh, North Carolina from approximately 6:30 p.m. continuing until approximately 9:00 p.m.

(7) That I was present in the office during this time period, performing duties in connection with this case.

Dated this 14 day of August, 1984

/Frances-Ann Fine/
Frances-Ann Fine

Subscribed and sworn to before me
This    14    day of August, 1984.

/Kimberly Bennett/
Kimberly Bennett
Notary Public State of Nevada
Clark County

My Appointment Expires March 6, 1988