TOPIC: Experts

Paul Stombaugh

Retired as the Chief of the Chemistry Section of the FBI laboratory in 1976.  Stombaugh testified as a forensics expert in over 300 cases, he lectured at Quantico, and he appeared as an expert witness before the Warren Commission.  Stombaugh is best known for his blood stain analysis of MacDonald's pajama top, his fabric impression analysis of the blue bedsheet, and the creation of the Pajama Top Theory.

Shirley Green

Physical Science Technician in the Microscopic Analysis Unit of the FBI laboratory.  Green cataloged hair and fiber evidence in this case, she lectured at Quantico, and she assisted Paul Stombaugh in analyzing the puncture hole pattern in MacDonald's torn pajama top.

Dillard Browning

CID chemist and supervisor of the lab technicians at Fort Gordon.

Janice Glisson

CID chemist at Fort Gordon.  Glisson performed a majority of the serological tests in this case and analyzed some of the hairs collected at the crime scene.

Terry Laber

CID chemist who analyzed the blood stains found on MacDonald's pajama top pocket.

Larry Flinn

CID chemist who processed the trace evidence found on the club and performed serological tests on several evidentiary items.

Hilyard Medlin

Fingerprint examiner at Fort Gordon.  Medlin processed the crime scene for prints, he searched the living room for pajama fibers with a magnifying glass, and he matched one of the bloody footprints to an exemplar of Jeffrey MacDonald's left foot.

Craig Chamberlain

CID chemist who collected the blood evidence found at 544 Castle Drive.

Michael Malone

Senior Examiner of the FBI's Hair and Fiber Unit.  Malone re-analyzed the hair and fiber evidence found at the crime scene in 1990.

Robert Webb

FBI special agent and forensic chemist.  In 1990, Webb analyzed the chemical composition of several unsourced fibers found at the crime scene.

John Thornton

Forensics expert who testified for the defense at the 1979 trial.

Charles Morton

Forensics expert who testified for the defense at the 1979 trial.